Nu-Rock Aggregates

Large-scale carbon mineralisation solutions.

The large-scale manufacture of Nu-Rock aggregates is a uniquely sustainable way to remove carbon from the atmosphere whilst recycling large volumes of stockpiled waste material on Power Stations, Steelmills, Non-Ferrous Metal Smelters, Alumina Smelters and Mining Operations.

Fully automated Nu-Rock aggregate plants have the capacity to process and recycle up to 500,000 tonnes of feedstock per annum. Nu-Rock aggregates contain up to 95% waste material and up to 5% binder and absorb large volumes of CO2.

Super Aggregate

Nu-Rock sand and aggregates range in size from >0.5 to 100 mm. The size of Nu-Rock aggregate pellets is controllable and can be made with a size variation of +/- 2 mm. Nu-Rock aggregate can be reliably manufactured to exact shape and size specifications to ensure fit for purpose readiness.

Nu-Rock aggregates can be applied to a wide range of applications including subbase, bitumen replacement for road building, mine back filling, stemming aggregates and more.

Nu-Rock sands can replace the natural sands currently being mined for use in building and construction.

Nu-Rock Aggregates can be blended successfully with household plastics, glass and rubber tyres, providing local governments and waste management companies with a greener and more practical and carbon abating alternative to household waste stockpiling or incineration.