Blocks & Bricks

Blocks & Bricks

Nu-Rock Blocks and Bricks. Lighter, stronger, greener and more affordable.

Nu-Rock Blocks and Bricks.
Lighter, stronger, greener and more affordable.

Non-cementitious masonry manufacturing

The complete absence of cement in Nu-Rock products is a win for the environment and for the Building, Construction and Mining industries.

Formally commissioned university studies have verified Nu-Rock’s patented process reacts with the minerals and heavy metals contained within industrial waste such as all Coal Ash, all Steel Mill, all Non-Ferrous metal, Alumina red mud, Hard Rock Mine Tailings wastes and other mainstream waste materials. This natural exothermic reaction immediately converts waste material into an impenetrable form known as “Formulated Rock.”

University studies prove that Nu-Rock blocks and bricks deliver superior compressive, transverse and tensile strength.

Nu-Rock blocks and bricks actively absorb and mineralise CO2 during the curing process. By processing up to 250,000 tonnes of feedstock per annum Nu-Rock plants have the capacity to remove unprecedented volumes of CO2 from the atmosphere.

100% Sustainable

Containing on average up to 95% waste materials and 5% naturally occurring binders, Nu-Rock blocks and bricks are 100% sustainable.

Requiring less energy to manufacture means Nu-Rock products have as little as 3% of the embodied energy of equivalent concrete masonry products.

Nu-Rock blocks can be moulded into many shapes and sizes.

Unprecedented Value

As a result of locating manufacturing plants next to the waste streams, Nu-Rock Blocks and Bricks will cost less to manufacture and will be a significantly better value alternative to traditional products containing mined resources.

4 hours Fire Rating

The benefits Nu-Rock blocks and bricks do not stop at being lighter, stronger and greener. Nu-Rock blocks and bricks are also fire rated for up to 4 hours, creating safer homes for Australian families.

R6 Thermal Rating

Nu-Rock building blocks have been awarded up to an R6 thermal rating, This means Nu-Rock dwellings and buildings require less cooling in Summer and less heating in Winter, making Nu-Rock better for the wallet and for the atmosphere.