Formulated Rock

Formulated Rock

Formulated by Nu-Rock,
inspired by nature.

Formulated by
inspired by nature.

Non-cementitious masonry manufacturing

The complete absence of cement in
Nu-Rock products is a win for the environment and for the Building, Construction and Mining industries.

Formally commissioned university studies have verified Nu-Rock’s patented process reacts with the minerals and heavy metals contained within industrial waste such as all Coal Ash, all Steel Mill, all Non-Ferrous metal, Alumina red mud, Hard Rock Mine Tailings wastes and other mainstream waste materials. This natural exothermic reaction immediately converts waste material into an impenetrable form known as “Formulated Rock.”

Faster and heat free curing

The Nu-Rock process speeds up the natural mineralisation process, from millions of years to a matter of hours. During the curing process, all heavy metals and radiation are chemically fused cold into a permanent form. No heat is required for this process.  The resulting product does not leach or deteriorate like Portland Cement concrete alternatives.

Capturing CO2

During the short curing process Nu-Rock products actively absorb and mineralise large quantities of Carbon Dioxide “CO2” from the atmosphere. Additionally, fully automated Nu-Rock plants will ultimately include injecting of CO2 into products at the heart of the manufacturing process.

Game changing strength and durability

Nu-Rock’s first range of building products: Blocks, Bricks and Pavers, are so much stronger and more durable than traditional masonry products that performance comparisons are completely one sided.

As durability and strength are key requirements of any building material, Nu-Rock’s unrivalled superiority is hugely significant and a game changing option for architects, engineers and builders to use.

Emissions free manufacturing

Nu-Rock‘s “Formulated Rock” technology involves an emissions free manufacturing process. A vast improvement on the centuries-old, energy-hungry processes involving the quarrying, transporting and kiln burning of limestone at 1500°C. Plus, the quarrying and transporting of precious and finite natural resources such as sand and aggregates. Or energy hungry Clay based product manufacturing that involves a 7-day warming and drying process at 500°C followed by a 3-day firing process at 1050°C.